Pokemon Research and Development

Pokemon X/Y RAM Dumping And Editing Completed

Posted at 2014-04-12 23:22:36 GMT by Bond697
Bond697 and Slashmolder have managed to accomplish 2 big goals: Pokemon X/Y RAM has been both dumped and edited. They have managed to dump and edit the FCRAM while inside Pokemon X/Y. Slashmolder gave himself a Hoopa and is doing more general testing and Bond697 ripped the Pokemon X ExeFS to begin reverse engineering. This is the start of datamining efforts and will hopefully result in a good deal of new info. Keep watching this spot for more info!


Pokemon X/Y RAM Dumping Coming Soon

Posted at 2014-04-09 16:52:09 GMT by Bond697
Bond697 and Slashmolder are closing in on completing one of their goals: we will soon be seeing RAM dumps from Pokemon X and Y. They completed their work on redirecting the 3DS's NAND(redNAND, emuNAND, it's been given a few names) last night and are going to begin work on RAM dumping and pulling whatever data they can from the system to support data mining efforts. Obviously, this development means they have full control of both the ARM9 and ARM11 CPUs for running custom code and possibly further exploiting the system. We will keep you informed with any new developments, keep watching this spot for news!

Bond697's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bond697

3DS ARM11 Kernel/Slabheap/Exception Vectors, ARM9 Process9 Binary Dumped

Posted at 2014-02-06 03:26:56 GMT by Bond697
Super Mod/Pokecheck Admin Bond697 continues his work on the 3DS, with the assistance of RNG Reporter developer Slashmolder, and has given word that he has managed to dump the ARM11 kernel, slabheap, and exception vectors and the ARM9 services binary. The services binary is used, for example, when the ARM11 hands a service call off to the ARM9 for execution for something like writing a file. He also said that they had dumped the memory management unit(MMU) and are using all this new code and data to make bigger advances in understanding the system and implementing their own hacks.

Stay tuned to projectpokemon for more news straight from the source!

3DS ARM9 Kernel Dumped

Posted at 2014-01-31 00:34:31 GMT by Bond697
Project Pokemon Super Mod/Pokecheck Admin Bond697 has successfully dumped the ARM9 kernel from the 3DS with assistance from current RNG Reporter maintainer Slashmolder. They dumped all the pieces of the kernel and will be using it to make more progress towards the final goal of getting full access to everything on the 3DS.

As was said last time, keep watching this space for more news on Pokemon X and Pokemon Y straight from the source!

3DS RAM Dumped and Examined

Posted at 2014-01-30 22:13:55 GMT by Bond697
A few days ago, Project Pokemon Super Mod/Pokecheck Admin Bond697 was able to dump all 128MB of Fast Cycle RAM (FCRAM) from his exploited 3DS. It was a long process that took 3 weeks and started with reverse engineering the Gateway 3DS ROP chains to dump some RAM containing the Mset exeFS from the ARM11 CPU. Once that was done, he went through the Gateway's Launcher.dat following their obfuscated ROP chains through all 30 rounds of decryption. After that, dumped their first encrypted payload and re-implemented the 3DS kernel exploit for his own payload and gained ARM9 code execution on the 3DS. From there, he worked to open, read, and write files on the ARM9, which is the security CPU on the 3DS. Since it's the security CPU, it has access to almost everything on the 3DS, including all 128MB of the FCRAM. Inside the FCRAM are many of the RAM sections used on the ARM11 CPU, including the exeFS of the currently running program, code binaries for multiple services and CROs (3DS version of DLL files), framebuffers for the LCD, and many other useful things.

This in itself is not useful for Pokemon. However, that he has made so much progress so quickly and is working toward doing the same thing in X and Y means we will, hopefully soon, have access to code and data from X and Y, through Bond697, to find reliable information on new game mechanics, accurate data, and unreleased surprises. Pay attention to Project Pokemon for the only source of accurate, ROM-sourced information about Pokemon X and Pokemon Y available straight from the people working on it.