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Thread: Pokesav PID/IV Generator - Headers, Types

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    Pokesav PID/IV Generator - Headers, Types

    When I open the PID/IV Generator in Pokesav the headers are in what looks like ASCI. This is true even after reloading the software on 2 different machines with the current version. I have been able to decipher all of the columns except the 2nd one. In the YouTube tutorial the column header is Algorithms and the column data shows what game and or event the Pokemon originated from. My generator's data field displays "Types" as in Type1, Type2 etc..

    First is there anything I can and or should do about the headers or should I just ignore? Second can anybody send me a key to what the different types correspond to? Thanks

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    Re: Pokesav PID/IV Generator - Headers, Types

    not sure if im reading your post right but type 1 mean it can have ability one and type 2 means it can have ability two (ex: absol can have pressure or super luck, if the pid is type 1 then its ability will be pressure, however, if the ability is type 2 then it has super luck

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    Re: Pokesav PID/IV Generator - Headers, Types

    Thanks for the response, I will try to be clearer. This is not about the "Type1, Type2 abilities. When I open up the PID/IV Generator there are 6 columns (PID, Algorithms, Nature, Class, Gender, and Shiny). In the Algorithm column (2nd column) my choices are to select from "Type1, Type2, Type3, Type4"...... I have seen them as high as "Type8". In a tutoral video this same Algorithm column displays different choices things like "Normal D/P...", Non-event D/P..., Normal GBA..., Theoretical A....." etc.

    What I need to know is what "Type1", "Type2" etc. corrisponds to.
    For example is "Normal GBA..." Type4? Is "Non-event D/P..." Type2?
    The "..." after the column choices (example: Non-event D/P...) is because in the video the column width is not large enough to display to full text.

    FYI. I have downloaded the most recent version of Pokesav from this web site.


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