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Thread: Guide: Pokémon Team Building (Help Provided Here)

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    Re: Guide: Pokémon Team Building (Help Provided Here)

    @Metalkid: Thanks. I never knew that. Heh.
    Sabresite: Sorry I deleted your signature pic on accident, .

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    Re: Guide: Pokémon Team Building (Help Provided Here)

    This guide does provide a lot of useful information, but it is not a team make guide, thus the name "Pokemon Team Building" is not properly named for this guide.

    If enough people show interest I could make a guide that gives advice and examples of how to build a healthy team for the standard meta game known as OU.

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    Re: Guide: Pokémon Team Building (Help Provided Here)

    I am new to competitive battling and need help building a team for White. I am aware of the type differences stats.etc but need a place to get started on EV training. anyone know good sweepers, Walls, annoyers.etc that are in the OU/UU tier that I can catch in white?
    PS I also Have Soul Silver and Diamond but no other DS to transfer pokemon

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    Re: Guide: Pokémon Team Building (Help Provided Here)

    I'm okay at this game...
    but i'm having some trouble picking this team. It's to face my cousin and I don't have the advantages he has. And i'm stuck, like hardcore stuck.

    ~*Swords Dance
    ~Close Combat
    ~Aerial Ace

    ~Ice Beam
    ~Water Spout

    Air Lock
    ~Fire Blast
    ~Draco Meteor
    ~*Dragon Dance

    Volt Absorb
    ~*Thunder Bolt
    ~*Shadow Ball
    ~*Signal Beam

    For the last two, i'm a little stuck... PS (IF ANY OF YOU HAVE THE MOVES WITH ASTERISKS, I BEG YOU TO HELP ME GET THEM!)

    I'm debating on a Flygon, and Scizor, but I am open to suggestions. I just don't hit ghosts or psychics as hard as I'd like...

    Thanks you guys..
    Oh and I don't know how to ev train. I just get them strong.

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    Re: Guide: Pokémon Team Building (Help Provided Here)

    If you're just playing for fun with your cousin then honestly, don't worry about all of this. It'll suck the fun out of it. If you want to play competitively then learn how, read all the guides on all the various sites that provide them (here, Serebii, Smogon) and do so.

    If you want an in-game team rated then there is a thread for that in this very subforum. If you want a compeitive rate then make a competitive team and post it in the RMT section.

    If you want someone to give you pokemon, ask in the Requests forum.

    I honestly don't know what you're looking for here, so I'm sorry if I sound rude. We don't know enough information about the battle that you're going to be playing, are there any tiers that you guys will be playing by? What sort of "advantages" does he have? If they are unfair advantages; is it wise even playing with him. Again, sorry, I'm not sure what you are asking.
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    Re: Guide: Pokémon Team Building (Help Provided Here)

    Oh no problem... He has an Action replay so an unlimited amount of any resource he chooses. I do not.
    I am worrying about it making it a little more competitive because well he needs to be put in his place, and I find it just a tad bit interesting. I can do all the smogon stuff. that's how i've arrived at this stage at the moment. But for the last two pokemon i'm stuck. And I thought that this would be the forum to ask about it? team building? and it is in game. I have what I can get in Heartgold. I use them to get things done. Fly, Surf, etc..

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    Re: Guide: Pokémon Team Building (Help Provided Here)

    Honestly, if you're not going to bother ev training and such, you're basically flipping a coin. Either you should go all the way and learn the game, or just play casually. It's a big waste of time and energy to go halfway.

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